Dr. Brian Monahan

Director of Criminal Justice and Sociology, Associate Professor of Sociology/Criminal Justice
570-348-6282 x2554


Media and Crime, Social Problems, Deviant Behavior


Ph.D. University of Delaware

Dr. Monahan earned his Ph.D. in Sociology from the University of Delaware after earning the M.A. in Sociology from Virginia Commonwealth University and the B.S. in Criminal Justice from Radford University.  Dr. Monahan joined the Marywood faculty in 2012, where he will teach courses in sociology and criminal justice.  His teaching interests include: introduction to sociology, social problems, media and society, deviant behavior, crime in the media, criminological theory, social control, and social movements. 

Dr. Monahan’s primary research interest is the role of media in society, particularly with respect to the production of concerns about crime and other social problems.  He is the author of The Shock of the News: Media Coverage and the Making of 9/11 (published in 2010 by the NYU Press) and has authored/ co-authored several journal articles, book chapters, and other publications.  His current research explores the ways that patterns in media coverage of crime can influence criminal justice policies and practices. 


Deviant Behavior in Society (CJ 405/SOC 405)
Police & Society (CJ 598)
Intro to Sociology (SOC 211)
Media & Crime (CJ 569)
Social Problems (SOC 214)
Media & Society (SOC 215)
Social Research (CJ 351/SOC 351/SSCI 351)
Computer Applications in Social Research (CJ  454/SOC 454/SSCI 454)
Senior Seminar (CJ 465/SOC 465/ SSCI 465)