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CJ 322 01 - Criminalistics & The Crime Lab Outings

Instructor – James Kanavy – CJ 322 01

On Tuesday, November 19th, the Criminalistics class was presented a mock crime scene demonstration at the South campus by Scranton police Department - Crime Scene Detectives Joe Castellano and Mike Fuesko.  They created a scenario where a homicide took place in an apartment building.  Their presentation included identification of multiple crime scenes, photographing and documenting everything from the outside of the building to latent finger prints. One interesting point Mike Fuesko made was that bullet casings found at the scene are now processed for DNA before trying to get an identifiable print. He said the advent of technology has made this possible. They demonstrated blood spatter analysis, the types of surfaces where finger prints might be recovered, crime scene reconstruction and how various equipment is used.  The ad hoc scene brought the students a dose of realism to the study of forensics.  This would not have been possible without the assistance of VP, Mr. Joseph Garvey and maintenance supervisor, Mr.  Flynn.

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