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Meeting Senator Blake

Marywood Students Presented Research at State Capitol

Kenia Sedano (Criminal Justice), Gaetano Zarra (Criminal Justice), and Elspeth Peterson (Psychology), accompanied by Associate Professor Sociology/Criminal Justice, Dr. Brian Monahan, presented their research at the Undergraduate Research at the Capitol (URC-PA) in Harrisburg earlier this week. The students indicated "that they got so much out of the experience and really enjoyed sharing their research with a larger audience". Each noted how much more confident they were in their research after seeing how favorably their work compared to that of others (including those from more research intensive universities). They also enjoyed the chance to meet with Senator Blake, who came by with a few of his staff members to chat and take a photo with them.

The URC-PA poster Conference is an annual educational event allowing the undergraduate students enrolled in Pennsylvania’s colleges and universities to showcase their research talents to the Commonwealth’s key decision-makers.

Poster Title: Educational Attainment and Juvenile Delinquency

Abstract: Juvenile delinquency research has consistently identified important linkages between how adolescents perform in school and levels of involvement in delinquent behavior (such as smoking, drinking, fighting, and theft) and criminal activity throughout the life course.  Using these findings as a backdrop, this study aims to better understand factors that influence school performance among adolescents.  A comprehensive literature review and multiple-regression analysis examines the relationship between selected social factors (gender, race, parents’ education, and parental involvement) and respondents’ commitment to and performance in their educational activities.  Data are drawn from the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent to Adult Health (Add Health), a multi-wave study that examines factors associated with adolescent health and behavior. After a review of findings, policy implications will be outlined.

Group Photo:  Senator John Blake, Kenia Sedano (Criminal Justice), Gaetano Zarra (Criminal Justice), Elspeth Peterson (Psychology) and Dr. Brian Monahan, Associate Professor Sociology/Criminal Justice

We are grateful to Dr. Monahan and his students for representing Marywood and undergraduate research so well!