Social Sciences: Department News

Dr. Adam Shprintzen

Adam Shprintzen contributed an essay to the edited collection, Acquired Tastes: Stories on the Origins of Modern Food released by MIT Press in August. The collection was praised by New Yorker food writer Helen Rosner who proclaimed that, "The essays in this excellent, rigorous collection are a pointed reminder that the past is very much the present, and the future, too." Adam also participated in a book launch event via Zoom hosted by Virginia Tech University's Food Studies program.

Dr. Shprintzen also was a virtual keynote speaker at University of California-Santa Barbara's "Vegan Epiphanies" conference held in September.

Dr. Jeremy Rich

Dr. Jeremy Rich published an article: " “Victims or Burdens: Angolan Refugees and Humanitarian Aid Organizations in the Democratic Republic of Congo, 1961-1963,” International History Review 42, no. 5 (2021)

Lecture on lecture on September 16, 2021 by Dr. Charles Venator-Santiago, Associate Professor at the University of Connecticut.

Marywood's Truth, Racial Healing, and Transformation Center (TRHT) and the Department of Social Sciences hosted a lecture on September 16, 2021 by Dr. Charles Venator-Santiago, Associate Professor at the University of Connecticut. His talk discussed the doctrine of territorial incorporation, the tradition of territorial expansionism that has enabled the U.S. to annex, govern and ascribe an unincorporated status to certain territories. He focused on this doctrine as it relates to Puerto Rico, examining how birth in Puerto Rico is tantamount to birth in the United States even though the Federal government continues to rule the Puerto Rican islands as a foreign locality for constitutional purposes.

Congratulations to Recent Social Sciences Department Graduates Acceptances into Law School

Congratulations are in order to May 2021 graduates, Zach Penzone, Deanna Charpentier, and Tyler Webb for admittance into law school at Widener University and UMass School of Law at Dartmouth respectively, and the University at Buffalo Master's program in History. Great work and congratulations on your new adventures!

Alumni, Anna Notchick, BA History 18', Hired to Work in NYC DA's Office

Anna Notchick, BA History 18', was hired to word as an Assistant District Attorney at the Manhattan DA's Office starting in September 2021, after her graduation from Penn State Law School. Thousands of applicants from across the country apply to this office which hires about 50 new ADAs each year. She has made a three year commitment to start and will be starting in one of three divisions within the office: Trial Division, Appeals Bureau, or Office of the Special Narcotics Prosecutor.