Public History Concentration

Public History offers a variety of job opportunities:

  • Curator
  • Museum/historic site educator
  • Historic preservation specialist
  • Archivist
  • Researcher/historian with historical agency
  • Writer/editor
  • Living history specialist/historical interpretation
  • Journalist
  • Oral historian
  • Historical consultant
  • Corporate historian
  • Historian for a trade/labor or other non-profit organization
  • Web writer/editor (with some training in technology)
  • Digital historians


Concentration within the History Major

History (39 Credits)

  • Hist 100, 101 
  • Hist. 105
  • Hist 252 and 253
  • Hist XXX developing world 100/200 level
  • 18 credits selected from U.S., European, and Developing World, at least one from each area
  • Hist 460 and 461:History Seminars

Public History (18 Credits)

  • Introduction to Public History
  • Techniques in Public History - 3 courses
  • Historical Writing Seminar
  • Field Experience in Public History






Introduction to Public History

Examines the origins and objectives of public history as a philosophy of history, providing an overview to the historian's work in museums, historical societies, archives, historic preservation, the federal government, and other organizations in the public sphere.


Techniques in Public History: Archival and Museum Studies

  Introduces students to public history techniques. Instructor will focus on archival and museum studies, historical preservation, and  exhibit design.,  


Techniques in Public History: Basic Principles

   Examines basic principles of public history with focus on public memory, commemoration, and material culture.


 Digital Techniques in Public History



Examines leading digital history works of scholarship, explores theories of narrative in hypertext, and develops models of digital scholarship. Students will be expected to conduct research around selected topics in history, and focus their work on the creation of a digital project, incorporating documentary film and oral history.


Historical Writing Seminar:


Seminar in the writing of history: editing and publishing; grant writing; public history proposal; preparation of written materials for lay readers and audiences outside the discipline; and other necessary writing techniques for historians


 Field Experience in Public History

Provides students with a variety of hands-on experiences in Public History at local museums. libraries, and other historical agencies. Activities will involve 100 hours of experience in four professional locations