Social Sciences: History Major

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Our History major will prepare you for graduate study or a variety of careers in government, archives, museums, historical research and scholarly associations. You can add a minor to further enhance your career options. Recent graduates have combined majors in History with Art History, English, and other Social Science areas, such as Criminal Justice.

History/Social Sciences: Secondary Education

This major meets secondary education certification requirements for the State of Pennsylvania. Elementary teaching certification is also available through a special program coordinated by the Social Sciences and Education departments.

Transferable Skills

History, History/Pre-Law, History/Social Sciences Secondary Education


Critical Thinking

  •  Analyze complex and often competing data, allowing students to formulate more logical, complete, and persuasive arguments

  • Evaluate arguments for credibility, position, perspective, and relevance, allowing students the ability to formulate their own, well-reasoned, and evidenced-based arguments.

Research and Digital Skills


  • Students collect, distill, question, and interpret complex material, allowing them to develop the skills necessary to investigate and answer difficult questions in the working world.

  • History students utilize a variety of digitized archives and databases, becoming familiar with the process of online research as a skill, while also learning how to analyze false or misleading information.

  • Students utilized a variety of digital techniques and technologies to express historical arguments, including digital video and audio, mapping, image collecting and editing, and website development.