Dr. Patrick Seffrin

Associate Professor of Sociology/Criminal Justice
570-348-6282 x 2242


Criminology, criminal justice, sociology


Ph.D. Bowling Green State University

Dr. Seffrin earned his Ph.D. and M.A. in sociology from the Bowling Green State University before joining the Marywood faculty in 2009. He teaches courses in the areas of sociology, criminology, and criminal justice. Before entering graduate school, he was a supervisor in an Ohio juvenile residential center housing felony sex offenders. He is certified as a Chemical Dependency Counselor in Ohio. 

Dr. Seffrin's research interests include juvenile delinquency, drugs and alcohol, socioeconomic disadvantage, and crime over the life course. His recent publication in the journal The Sociological Quarterly explores the role of culture in explaining differences in levels of alcohol use among black and white youths. His current research investigates alcohol, drugs, violence, and social mobility.


Introductory Sociology (SOC 211)
Anthropology (SOC 218)
Criminology (CJ/SOC 303)
Social Research (CJ/SOC 351)
The Family (SOC 411)
Computer Applications in Social Research (CJ/SOC 454)
Senior Seminar in Criminal Justice (CJ/SOC 465)

Criminal Justice Research Methods (CJ 507)
Criminology (CJ 522)
Sex, Drugs, and Crime (CJ 524)
Criminal Justice Polices (CJ 530)
Youth Offenders (CJ 528)