Our faculty members are experienced teachers and respected scholars in their fields. The Social Sciences Department prides itself on maintaining open and engaging faculty-student relationships. They're dedicated to helping you put together a program to meet your needs.

Alexander Vari, Ph.D., Chair (vari@marywood.edu)

Associate Professor of History
-European history, Latin American history, urban studies

Patrick Seffrin, Ph.D. (seffrin@marywood.edu)

Director of Crim. Justice Program, Assistant Professor of Sociology/Criminal Justice
-Criminology, criminal justice, sociology

Brian Monahan, Ph.D. (monahan@marywood.edu)

Assistant Professor of Sociology/Criminal Justice
-Media and Crime, Social Problems, Deviant Behavior

Samantha Christiansen, Ph.D. (christiansen@marywood.edu)

Assistant Professor of History
-Asian and World History, Urban History, Social Movements, Gender Studies

Thomas Jackson, J.D., Ph.D. (jacksont@marywood.edu)

Professor of Political Science
-Political science, constitutional law, pre-law

Kathleen P. Munley, Ph.D., C.M.F.C. (munleyk@marywood.edu)

Professor of History
-American history, ethnic studies, American diplomacy and foreign policy, women's studies, American politics

Jeremy Rich, Ph.D. (jrich@marywood.edu)

Associate Professor of History
-African and world history, colonialism and Central African history (Gabon, Democratic Republic of Congo)

James Frutchey, M. A.

-European and world history

Mark Lemoncelli, M.A.

-American history, social studies methods