SOAR Student Profiles

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"My dream is to design video games."

"I chose to come to the Marywood SOAR Program because I wanted to learn how to get a job and learn about finances. I also wanted to study computer programs. My dream is to design video games. The things I like best about Marywood SOAR are the jobs I do at the Media Center and the Web Department. For fun I like to play video games, listen to country music, go bowling, and study computer programs."

Where is he now?

Tyler graduated from the Marywood SOAR Program in 2014.  Upon completion of the SOAR program, he enrolled in a certification program for web/video game design through New Horizons.  After that, his goal is to move to Florida and transfer into a college to obtain a degree in video game design.

Tyler's projects with the Web Team:

Squirrel Tour

Tyler helped to work out the concept and develop a plan for a video game that doubles as a virtual tour of campus. In this SquirrelTour, website visitors learn about the campus as they perform tasks-- as a squirrel-- that are designed to "show" them around Marywood's campus.

Game Review Website

Tyler's project was to create a website with video game reviews.