SOAR: Student Profiles

soar students visit police station

Transforming Lives

When SOAR was founded in 2008, few would have predicted it would have such a profound impact on so many people. The program is transforming the lives of students with autism, as well as those who work with them.

"Each day, I hear stories of how SOAR students are touching others' lives. This program has brought the Marywood mission to life." -- Patricia Arter

Current Students

photo of $ Chris
"I love SOAR because of the people around here and the jobs I get to do. My goal for next year is I would like to work at Marywood's daycare next year."
photo of $ Craig
"My goals are to go to another college and to work in an office or restaurant."
photo of $ Jared
"I chose SOAR because I want to be independent, I want to live on my own, and I want to be prepared for College."
photo of $ Justin
"I really enjoy being able to exercise at Marywood’s gym and work on cleaning the gym equipment at work."
photo of $ Kali
"I like SOAR because it helps me to work towards understanding things better to prepare for the future."
photo of $ Lauryn
"My goals are getting my driver's license and getting a job."
photo of $ Matthew
"My goals are to get a job, help my family and spend time with my friends and siblings."
photo of $ Olivia
"My goals are to star my job as a fashion designer."
photo of $ Thomas
"I like SOAR because it provides me with the skills I need for life, my career and future."
photo of $ Vincent
"SOAR is a great place because I get to work on art therapy with the art therapists. I also really enjoy working in the dining hall."


photo of $ Alisa
"The program I was in last year, turning point academy, had to close and the SOAR program welcomed me for my last year of school"
photo of $ Chris
"The thing I like best about the Marywood SOAR Program is that the library has books of animals."
photo of $ Connor
"The thing that I like most about the SOAR program is the small class size."
photo of $ Corin
"I chose SOAR because someone I knew recommended it to me"
photo of $ Daniel
"Daniel is wonderful. He's very polite. You only have to give him instructions once, and he knows exactly what to do." -Aine Cahill
photo of $ Daniel
"For my job training this year, I am working in a new position in the Nursing Department at Marywood.
photo of $ Deanna
"I like the SOAR program because the teachers, work studies, and staff here are very nice and have a great sense of humor."
photo of $ Felicity
"The thing I like most about the program is that I get to learn new things that I never learned before. I also like that we get to go to really interesting places and learn some interesting facts about those places."
photo of $ Gen
"It's is the place I want to be. It makes me want to grow and learn."
photo of $ Jake
This year I will be working on campus in the garage doing automotive maintenance, and working in the maintenance building doing office work.
photo of $ Jared W.
"I chose SOAR to learn how to live as an adult and to find out what is my purpose in life."
photo of $ Jeremiah
"If I show J.J. something once, I never have to show him again." -Laurie Munley
photo of $ Joey B.
"I chose the SOAR program because I want to continue my education."
photo of $ Joey C.
"I chose Marywood SOAR so I could learn job skills for the future."
photo of $ John
"He was quiet at first, but now he loves to joke around." -Sunny Schwartz
photo of $ Michael
"I chose SOAR to try find people to hang out with and to learn about computer programing."
photo of $ Nick
"The thing I like best about the SOAR program this year is my job."
photo of $ Nick
“I chose the SOAR program to learn to live on my own more efficiently”
photo of $ Nick
"I came here to learn skills to work"
photo of $ Rachel
"Rachel is anxious to know the reasons for everything and loves to ask questions." -Jean Dixon
“I chose the SOAR program because I wanted classes that my school district didn’t have.”
photo of $ Sean
"Coming to the SOAR program was an easy decision for me because the tour that Mr. Kirby and Miss Lisa gave us was really great."
photo of $ Sean
"He was always on time and accomplished tasks more quickly than I could sometimes assign them." -Robyn Krukovitz
photo of $ Travis
"I chose to come to Marywood because I wanted to learn how to live independently."
photo of $ Tyler
"My dream is to design video games."