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Meet Daniel !

"Daniel is wonderful. He's very polite. You only have to give him instructions once, and he knows exactly what to do." -Aine Cahill

Click here to check out the brand new Reap College of Education and Human Development's Newsletter!  In it are highlights of the SOAR program as well as a student spotlight on a SOAR graduate, Rachel Boyer.   

It's important to experience a multitude of different ways to de-stress when a job becomes challenging. Dogs visited Marywood for a little pet therapy today, and our SOAR students enjoyed taking a break to give the canines a little caring.

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Tree decorating was a team effort at SOAR! May this launch a magical, memorable season for everyone.

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Happy Birthday, Nick! So glad you're celebrating this important milestone with us at SOAR!!

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This thanksgiving, we are so thankful for our wonderful students, teachers, directors and for our much-appreciated Marywood University supervisors and volunteers! We are so thankful for all of you who care so much about our students and read our page as well! Happy Thanksgiving, everybody! For what are you thankful?

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Here are some tips for a happier holiday! What do you find helps to relieve some of the stress of the day for those you know with autism?

8 Thanksgiving Hacks for Kids on the Spectrum
The atypical schedules, new foods, and people-packed homes on Thanksgiving can be a little overwhelming for kids on the spectrum. Here are some ideas for helping your child get through the day.

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The Music Therapy club at Marywood University made Fun Friday a lot more fun for Sarah and Felicity! The young women enjoyed listening to the music and singing along. We are looking forward to friendships and musical collaborations that will evolve from this wonderful event.

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