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Student Spotlight

Meet Daniel !

"Daniel is wonderful. He's very polite. You only have to give him instructions once, and he knows exactly what to do." -Aine Cahill

Click here to check out the brand new Reap College of Education and Human Development's Newsletter!  In it are highlights of the SOAR program as well as a student spotlight on a SOAR graduate, Rachel Boyer.   

SOAR students are working on healthy eating with the adaptive physical education majors. We are hoping that everyone has a happy and healthy holiday!

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In honor of hump day!

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Is everyone ready for snow this evening? Jake is preparing the snow removal vehicles for winter, and making sure that we're all prepared!

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We hope everyone enjoyed celebrating Veteran's day yesterday. Thank you to all who serve our country.

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Jake balancing a ball on his head at lunchtime followed by Nick and John Ferraro in their Snuggies!

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Marywood SOAR Program added 4 new photos to the album Halloween 2014.
Members from art therapy painted pumpkins with the students! Happy Halloween everyone!

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