In order to streamline Science Department purchase order procedures, a standard operating procedure for the ordering of research laboratory supplies is essential.  This procedure is designed to guarantee all chemicals and supplies are received through a central location.  This will ensure MSDS are obtained prior to ordering, chemicals and supplies are logged into the inventory and materials are properly handled and stored.


This procedure applies to all principal investigators and student researchers who need to order research laboratory supplies.


  1. Purchase orders requisition forms must be completed for requested items.  They may be obtained from the Laboratory Manager’s Office, Fiscal Affairs or may be found on theMarywood University website.
  2. The following information must be included on the requisition:
    • Vendor Name
    • Item # of requested item(s)
    • Item description, including size, volume, etc.
    • Quantity
    • Price, if quoted from vendor with price quote attached to PO requisition, where applicable
    • Date when material(s) are required
  3. The Principal Investigator will signify approval of the requisition by his/her signature and the proper budget number designation will be assigned.
  4. All Purchase Order (PO) requisitions are submitted to the Laboratory Manager (LM).
  5. The LM will obtain MSDS on any new chemical and review it for storage and handling recommendations.
  6. The LM will submit the PO requisition to Fiscal Affairs (Purchasing Agent) for processing and assignment of a PO number.
  7. Purchasing will return the completed PO to the LM, who will review the document for errors.
  8. The order will be placed by the LM via fax or phone. All orders will be tracked by the LM.
  9. All orders will be inspected upon delivery by the LM for accuracy and damage. The LM will resolve any problems with orders.
  10. The LM will notify the Principal Investigator upon the arrival of his or her items. The LM will log chemicals into the inventory and deliver them to the appropriate location for storage.
  11. The LM will sign, date and mark “OK to Pay” the PO green copy.  This should then be copied, retained.  The green copy will be sent to purchasing.
  12. The LM will return the remaining PO copy and original packing slip to the Principal Investigator for his or her files.


Deborah Wardach, M.S., Laboratory Lab Manager
Telephone: 570-961-4771
CNHS 104

Dr. Deanne Garver, Chemical Hygiene Officer
Telephone: 570-348-2564
CNHS 328

Lacey Yzeik, Science Department Secretary
Telephone: 570-348-6265
CNHS 3rd Floor Glass Office