Automatic Acceptance Policy for Incoming Freshman

Automatic Acceptance Policy for Incoming Freshman to the Professional Phase of the Physician Assistant Program at Marywood University

The criteria for an automatic transition from the Pre-PA phase to the professional phase of the PA Program are as follows:

  • Overall GPA and Pre-requisite Science GPA at or above 3.5
  • Completed all other pre-requisites, i.e., 500 healthcare hours (of which at least 50 hours must be shadowing a PA)
  • All courses must be Marywood courses (8 credit maximum may be transfer credits - with prior approval of both the Science Chair and the PA Program Director)
  • No Disciplinary actions on record
  • Successful interview with the Admissions Committee for the PA Program

If you do not meet the above criteria or are a transfer student you will be guaranteed an interview and be alleviated from applying through CAPSA, however, neither of these conditions is a guarantee that you will be accepted into the Professional PA Program.