Biotechnology Program


The B.S. Biotechnology Program aims to prepare students for a career in the broad field of biotechnology. As biotechnology encompasses molecular research, genomics, DNA forensics, bioinformatics (biocomputing) and environmental bioremediation, as well as administration, management, patent law, and other "business" areas. Moreover, graduates will receive the foundation for application to and success in graduate, professional, law, or business school.

Specific goals of the program are to prepare students not only with professional training (technical skills), but also to provide students with the ability to critically evaluate biotechnology advances and applications.

We now live in a molecular society, in the post-genomic era, with scientific breakthroughs that affect us all. B.S. Biotechnology graduates will make a difference in how society uses such advances.

For the first two years, the B.S. Biotechnology course curriculum parallels that of the Science Programs. This is to provide fundamental technical and intellectual expertise. However, the major will provide specialized Biotech program courses during the third and fourth years.

The B.S. in Biotechnology Degree can be designed for highly qualified students who wish to pursue admission to medical, dental or veterinary studies.

Those students wishing to apply to such graduate programs are advised to research prerequisites required by the professional programs targeted. Advisors will assist students in meeting these prerequisites.

B.S. Biotechnology Program Requirements