Science Program: Laboratory Instructors


When planning for your fall, summer, and spring lab sections or research laboratories keep the following in mind:

1.  Outlines, syllabi, and material needs/waste lists per session are due to the Lab Manager no later than 6 weeks prior to the start of the semester.  Syllabus Review Checklist will detail items that must be in each syllabus.  Please email your syllabi to the Science department Administrative Assistant prior to the start of each semester.

2.  Class and Laboratory Cancellations - In the event an instructor is unable to conduct their class and/or laboratory, they must email the students (can be done through Colleague), Department Chairperson, Laboratory Manager (if applicable), Dean’s Secretary and Science Administrative Assistant.  It is also the Laboratory Instructor’s responsibility to make arrangements (if possible) to have another part-time or full-time Science Faculty member cover their laboratory session when they are not able.

Class and Laboratory Attendance Policy - Students are expected to attend all classes and laboratory sessions (including laboratory check in and check out).  On rare occasions and only for sufficient reason, students may be granted an "excused absence."  Course attendance requirements are clearly specified in each faculty member's course and laboratory syllabus.  Unexcused absences may affect a student's final grade.  Absences should be reported to the class instructor or the Department Administrative Assistant (570) 348-6265.  Abuses of the attendance policy are formally reported to the Assistant Director of Student Development Services.

3.  All Faculty, Lab Instructors, and Laboratory Instructional Assistants must follow the Attendance Policy Procedure online for the Registrar's Office.  The Registrar's Office will email every instructor with the due dates for the Faculty Attendance forms to be submitted online.

4.  All Faculty, Lab Instructors, and Laboratory Instructional Assistants must also follow all procedures for submitting grades.

5.  Purchase requisition forms may be obtained online. Purchase Order Requisition

6.  The Standard Operating Procedure for Purchase Orders for Laboratory and Research Supplies.

7.  Material needs lists for the semester must be broken down per lab session and must include volumes or number of items needed per student, student group, or section.

Anticipated waste products with volumes must be listed. This will ensure adequate planning for waste collection, storage, and disposal.  Questions concerning waste should be directed to the Lab Manager or the Chemical Hygiene Officer (Dr. Deanne Garver).

If Special Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and additional Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is required for an experiment, it must be noted.

8.  All science laboratory safety concerns and questions should immediately be brought to the attention of the Lab Manager.

9.  The Lab Manager is the direct supervisor of all lab assistants. All questions and issues involving lab assistants should be brought directly to the Lab Manager.  

10.  Laboratory access is granted at the discretion of the Laboratory Manager and Department Chairperson.  Please contact the Laboratory Manager to request lab access.

11.  All Physical Plant Work requests and OIT Help Desk tickets regarding laboratory issues must be submitted by the Laboratory Manager.  Please contact the Laboratory Manager immediately regarding any laboratory computer or maintenance issues.  All issues with laboratory equipment (including computers/printers) and laboratory maintenance should be brought to the immediate attention of the Laboratory Manager.  If the Laboratory Manager is not available the Department Chair must immediately be contacted.

12.  You may contact the Department Administrative Assistant for large print jobs that are more than 20 copies (exams, syllabi, etc). The print job must be in an electronic format.  A minimum 24-hour notice is needed.

13.  You may reserve the Science Computer Lab located in CNHS # 103 by emailing the Science Department Administrative Assistant.