Science Program Laboratory Assistants

Those interested in applying for a Science Program Paid Lab Assistant position may contact Deborah Wardach, the Lab Manager at x. 4771 or by email


Qualified science majors (major QPA of at least a 3.0 is required) are needed during the academic year to serve as laboratory assistants.  Each laboratory assistant works in a specialized laboratory (Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Microbiology, etc.) under the direct supervision of the Science Laboratory Manager.  The position of laboratory assistant is a valuable experience since it provides an opportunity to gain knowledge and skills beyond the classroom setting.  Laboratory assistants are selected on the basis of merit by the Laboratory Manager and Department Chairperson.  A major QPA of at least 3.0 is required to retain a lab assistant position.

The Work Study Program supports many of the available lab assistant positions.  Work Study must be applied for through the Marywood University Human Resources - Work Study Web Page. Follow the Steps to Make it Happen.  The Science Department may provide financing for a limited number of qualified students (major QPA of at least a 3.0 is required) who are ineligible for the Work Study Program.  Interested students must apply through the Marywood University Human Resources - Work Study Web Page and follow the steps to make it happen.  Once the Human Resources Office contacts you that you are not eligible for work study, please contact the Science Lab Manager and inquire about non-work study positions.

Undergraduate Laboratory Assistant Responsibilities

The undergraduate laboratory assistants perform the following duties as part of their job description:

  1. Prepare solutions and gather laboratory equipment for each weekly experiment
  2. May assist the course instructor in overseeing and helping with laboratory setup, if requested
  3. Take responsibility for cleanup and proper storage of laboratory solutions and equipment
  4. Work under the supervision of the Laboratory Manager

Subsequently, undergraduate laboratory assistants are not responsible for:

  1. Grading of laboratory reports, quizzes and/or exams
  2. Proctoring of laboratory sessions
  3. Teaching on behalf of the laboratory course instructor

An undergraduate laboratory assistant may be requested to be present for a laboratory session, but is not guaranteed.  At least one undergraduate laboratory assistant will be present in the laboratory wing each evening during scheduled laboratory sessions to assist with laboratory needs and for safety purposes.  Individual assistants for each evening lab session are not guaranteed.

For detailed information regarding laboratory policies, please consult the Science Handbook.