Science Program Laboratories & Equipment


Laboratories & Equipment


Marywood has the only 5 year BS/MS interdisciplinary biotechnology program in northeastern Pennsylvania.  The Center for Natural and Health Sciences (CNHS) is equipped with five large teaching laboratories

  • laboratory space for organic chemistry, equipped with ductless green hoods
  • a newly constructed 8-person chemistry research laboratory
  • a dedicated biotechnology research lab
  • an environmental wet laboratory/greenhouse
  • five dedicated research laboratories
  • computer labs and a multimedia auditorium. 

Labs have dedicated bench space and built-in hardware for molecular and cellular research and are wired for Internet access.  The laboratories provide the physical environment to fulfill the needs of broad molecular and cellular biology experimentation (including genomics-based approaches such as DNA microarray technology, C02 incubators, centrifuges, refrigerators, -20 degree and -80 degree C freezers, incubators, water baths, etc.).

Major equipment

The Science Program has upgraded and added many pieces of equipment enabling the faculty to improve the quality of its teaching and research laboratories. Labs are equipped with standard molecular and cellular biology equipment including

  • autoclaves (preparation of microbiological media and sterilization)
  • cell culture hoods (maintenance of mammalian cells)
  • incubators (growth of cells)
  • refrigerator space and freezer space (storage of biologicals and stocks)
  • multiple DNA amplification (PCR) machines, -80 C freezers, spectrophotometers, and gel electrophoresis viewing stations. 

All major equipment is located within the CNHS building, which houses the Science program. Newly acquired equipment includes: Nikon TE 2000U Inverted Fluorescent Microscope with Normarski D/C components and digital imaging capabilities, Nikon 50I Tetrad Dissection Microscope, Shaking water bath with 25mL, 50mL, 125mL, 250mL, and 500mL flask clips, Accuspin Refrigerated Microtube Centrifuge, 2 Spectronic 20 Genesys spectrophotometers, Orbitron Rotator, 2 Mini Bench-top Centrifuges with adaptors, Replica Plate Apparatus with Velvets, 17" Macbook Pro HP all in one C4180 Photosmart printer, Thermocycler, Genetic Analyzer (DNA Sequencing machine): From Applied Biosystem;  GenePulser: from BIO-RAD, Incubator (37C): from Fisher Sci, Imager for faculty research only dry immuno-detection, and Shimazu LCMS.