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First Semester in the Science Department

What can I expect in my first semester?

For most science students their first semester schedule will look like this:

  • BIOL 150 + Lab - General Biology I
  • CHEM 131 + LAB - General Chemistry I
  • ENGL 160 - Writing Skills
  • UNIV 100 - Freshman Experience
  • Elective - (PHIL, R ST, SOC, PSY, P ED)


Biology, Biotechnology, Secondary Education and General Science Secondary Education majors will be taking MATH 115 or MATH 170 in place of the elective.  They will be placed in either MATH 115 or MATH 170 based on their Math SAT scores. 

  • below 550 - MATH 115
  • above 550 - MATH 170


Secondary Education and General Science Secondary Education majors will also be taking EDUC 000 - Field Experience since it is required by the eduction department in the students first year.

Students will be scheduled based on their declaration of major and their Student Information Sheet sent to them from the Admissions Office. 

Although we try to schedule students involved in sports for daytime classes, please understand that required courses may only be available at night.

Students will meet with an advisor during orientation and may request changes to their electives schedule. However, required courses for science students MUST BE taken in order to have prerequisites for other classes completed.

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