Science Faculty

Monique Rogals


Professor Rogals graduated from University of Vermont with a B.S. in Biochemistry, having completed undergraduate research in Kenneth Mann’s lab on conditions governing wound re-healing. From there, she joined Linda K Nicholson lab at Cornell University for her PhD work, where she focused on exploring protein interactions mediated by a particular type of molecular switch that can be directly monitored using NMR spectroscopy. She also TAed for multiple biochemistry classes and got her first experiences training undergraduate researchers. She went on to complete a Post-doc appointment in Jim Prestegard’s lab at the University of Georgia focusing on NMR of glycoprotein interactions as well as application of paramagnetic NMR to proteins that have been labeled with chemical reporters only on specific sections of the glycoprotein. She facilitated several independent undergraduate research projects. She is very excited to be joining the faculty at Marywood where she will be teaching biochemistry courses and building a research lab.



Monique ROGALS | PostDoc Position | Doctor of Philosophy | University of Georgia, GA | UGA (