Housing & Residence Life: Student Residences

Resident Types: Sophomores   Juniors   Seniors  
Total Number of Residents: 238
Genders: Men & Women, by room
Staffing: 6 Resident Assistants, supervised by a Graduate-Level Residence Director
Air Conditioning: Yes Sprinklers: Yes
Room Occupancies: Single Double Quint
Room Notes: Single rooms have limited availability. Deluxe suites include a living room area and house five residents in two bedrooms (double and triple room). Single Room: 23.5'x 11.5' /Single Room Bathroom: 9.7'x 6.3' Double Room: 15.25' x 11.5' / Double Room Bathroom: 8.75'x 7.5' Deluxe Suites: Double Room Side: 11.5' x 15.25' Triple Room Side: 23.5' x 11.5' Living Room: 23.5' x 11.5' Bathroom: 8.9' x 7.7'
Bathrooms: Suite style (at most 5 students share a bathroom).
Meal Notes: All Madonna Hall residents are required to have at minimum the 150 block meal plan.

Bed, desk, chair, 3-drawer dresser, wardrobe, Ethernet connection (one per resident), and one TV/cable jack per room. Wifi is available throughout the building.

Room doors secured through a card access system and a staffed security desk is located on the terrace floor of the building.  There are ADA compliant rooms which are handicap accessible. The ID Card Processing Center is located on the terrace floor.

Amenities: Laundry rooms, study lounges. and public use microwaves are located on all floors. Madonna Hall also features a full kitchen and a small movie theater for resident use.