Resident Types: Freshman  
Total Number of Residents: 328
Genders: Men & Women, by floor
Staffing: 8 Resident Assistants, supervised by a Graduate Residence Director
Air Conditioning: Yes Sprinklers: Yes
Room Occupancies: Single Double Triple Quad
Room Notes: Single rooms have limited availability.
Bathrooms: Suite style (usually 4 students share a bathroom)
Meal Notes: All new students are required to have a Traditional Meal Plan, which includes the 24 meal, 19 meal, or 15 meal per week plans.

Bed, desk, chair, dresser, internet connection (one per resident), one TV/cable jack per room.

Room doors secured through a card access system and a staffed security desk is located on the Terrace Level of the Building.  There are ADA compliant rooms which are handicap accessible.

Amenities: Laundry rooms, study rooms, TV rooms, and public use microwaves are located on several floors.