Resident Assistants

Resident Assistants
RA's are undergraduate or graduate students selected on the basis of leadership ability, communication skills, interpersonal relationship skills and an expressed interest in developing a sense of community among residents.

2017-2018 RA Contact Information

Building Floor Name E-mail
Loughran Hall 0 Terrace Hoc Weng Chong
Loughran Hall 1st Tyler Smith
Loughran Hall 2nd Nicholas Belverio
Loughran Hall 2nd Maddesen Wright
Loughran Hall 2nd Rachel Panick
Loughran Hall 3rd Jamie Feaster
Loughran Hall 3rd Breanna Latourette
Loughran Hall 3rd Sydney Saxe
Madonna Hall 1st Katelyn Snyder
Madonna Hall 1st Cara Maher
Madonna Hall 2nd Taylor Guttesman
Madonna Hall 2nd Sydney Toy
Madonna Hall 3rd Dana Boeher
Madonna Hall 3rd Massiel Velez
Regina Hall 4th Peter Inirio
Woodland Residences Apts. 1 - 6, 11 - 14 Jovanna Laurencin
Woodland Residences Apts. 15 - 22 Gabrielle Mitchell
Woodland Residences Apts. 25 - 28 Gabriella Trezza
Woodland Residences Apts. 29 - 32 Jeremy Ringland
Woodland Residences Apts. 33 - 36 Zachary Lowe


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