Housing & Residence Life: Resident Assistants

Resident Assistants
RA's are undergraduate or graduate students selected on the basis of leadership ability, communication skills, interpersonal relationship skills and an expressed interest in developing a sense of community among residents.

2018-2019 Resident Assistant Contact Information

Building Floor Name E-mail
Loughran Hall 1st Esmeralda Bautista ecbautista@m.marywood.edu
Loughran Hall 1st Sydney Toy setoy@m.marywood.edu
Loughran Hall 2nd Sydney Saxe smsaxe@m.marywood.edu
Loughran Hall 2nd Kathleen McCormick kdmccormick@m.marywood.edu
Loughran Hall 2nd Taylor Guttesman taguttesman@m.marywood.edu
Loughran Hall 3rd Brien McChesney blmcchesney@m.marywood.edu
Loughran Hall 3rd Morgan Theobald mjtheobald@m.marywood.edu
Loughran Hall 3rd Michael Carone mpcarone@m.marywood.edu
Madonna Hall 1st Cara Maher cmaher2@m.marywood.edu
Madonna Hall 1st Hoc Weng Chong hchong@m.marywood.edu
Madonna Hall 2nd Massiel Velez mvelez2@m.marywood.edu
Madonna Hall 2nd Michael Gould mrgould@m.marywood.edu
Madonna Hall 3rd Marissa Kemmerling mckemmerling@m.marywood.edu
Madonna Hall 3rd Zachary Lowe ztlowe@m.marywood.edu
Regina Hall 4th Tyler Smith tsmith3@m.marywood.edu
Woodland Residences Apts. 1 - 10 Brian Muckin bcmuckin@m.marywood.edu
Woodland Residences Apts. 11 - 19 Rachel Panick rmpanick@m.marywood.edu
Woodland Residences Apts. 20, 27 - 29 Jeremy Ringland jjringland@m.marywood.edu
Woodland Residences Apts. 21, 22, 26, 31, 32 Gabrielle Mitchell gtmitchell@m.marywood.edu
Woodland Residences Apts. 33 - 36 & Perpetual Help Hall Gabriella Trezza gntrezza@m.marywood.edu


Meet Our RAs