Housing and Residence Life Staff

Ross Novak

Senior Director of Student Conduct & Residence Life


Ross was appointed the Director of Housing and Residence Life in July 2012.  Before accepting the position, Ross was the Dean of Residence Life and the First Year Experience at Manhattanville College. Earlier in his career, he was the Coordinator for Community Service Programs/Resident Director at Norwich University. Ross earned a Bachelor’s degree in Telecommunications and a M.Ed. degree in College Student Personnel working at Ohio University. He is pursuing a Ph.D in Human Development with a specialization in Higher Education Administration. In July 2014, Ross was appointed to the Senior Director of Student Conduct & Residence Life.

Tyler Ward

Assistant Director of Housing & Residence Life


Tyler supervises the Residence Directors, and organizes staff training and selection processes.
Tyler has earned a Bachelor's of Science degree in Education from Lock Haven University and a Master's of Science in Higher Education Administration at Marywood University.

Shannon Sloan



Shannon is the first person most people meet in the office. Shannon coordinates many of the daily communication and organizational activities. She has been a member of the Housing and Residence Life staff since May 2014. She is looking forward to working with the community in her new role. She is pursuing a Master of Science degree in Higher Education Administration.

Residence Directors

Residence Directors are graduate students enrolled in a Marywood master’s or doctoral degree program. The Residence Directors oversee the residential areas that make up University Housing.

Alexis Maylor


Alexis is the Residence Director of Madonna Hall. Alexis earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from Delaware Valley College. She is currently pursuing her Master of Science degree in Biotechnology.

Annmarie Holler


Annmarie is the Residence Director for Loughran Hall. Annmarie earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Art Education. She is currently pursuing her Master of Fine Arts degree in Painting.

Michael Stracci


Michael is the Residence Director for Regina Hall. Michael earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in Philosophy from Manhattanville College. He is pursuing a Master of Science degree in Higher Education Adminstration.

Yerodin Lucas


Yerodin is the Residence Director for the Woodland Residences. Yerodin earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from Arcadia University and his Master of Arts degree in Education from Temple University. He is pursuing a Ph.D in Human Development with a specialization in Organizational Leadership.

Resident Assistants

Resident Assistants are undergraduate or graduate students selected on the basis of leadership ability, communication skills, interpersonal relationship skills and an expressed interest in developing a sense of community among residents.

2015-2016 RA Contact Information

Building Floor Name E-mail
Loughran Hall 0 Terrace Jude Saforo jsaforo@m.marywood.edu
Loughran Hall 1st Jeremy Ringland jjringland@m.marywood.edu
Loughran Hall 1st Peter Inirio pinirio@m.marywood.edu
Loughran Hall 2nd Molly Gardiner mgardiner@m.marywood.edu
Loughran Hall 2nd Fran Domiano fdomiano@m.marywood.edu
Loughran Hall 2nd Melissa Kowalski mkowalski@m.marywood.edu
Loughran Hall 3rd Rebecca Policello rpolicello@m.marywood.edu
Loughran Hall 3rd Kathleen Caroscio kacaroscio@m.marywood.edu
Loughran Hall 3rd Sophie Pauline sopauline@m.marywood.edu
Madonna Hall 0 Terrace Derrick Eyerman deyerman@m.marywood.edu
Madonna Hall 1st Abby Nicholas anicolas@m.marywood.edu
Madonna Hall 1st Heather Kani hmkani@m.marywood.edu
Madonna Hall 2nd Jamie Feaster jdfeaster@m.marywood.edu
Madonna Hall 2nd Kelly Layton knlayton@m.marywood.edu
Madonna Hall 3rd Raye Cannon jacannon@m.marywood.edu
Madonna Hall 3rd Max Drake mdrake@m.marywood.edu
Regina Hall 2nd Ellen Clauss eclauss@m.marywood.edu
Regina Hall 3rd Chanya Rice clrice@m.marywood.edu
Regina Hall 3rd Kristin Kelly kkelly61@m.marywood.edu
Regina Hall 4th Quintin Klenchik qklenchik@m.marywood.edu
Regina Hall 4th Joe Duda jmduda@m.marywood.edu
Woodland Residences Apts. 1 - 10 Zachary Lowe ztlowe@m.marywood.edu
Woodland Residences Apts. 13 - 22 Amy Micklos amicklos@m.marywood.edu
Woodland Residences Apts. 25 - 28 Elspeth Peterson elpeterson@m.marywood.edu
Woodland Residences Apts. 29 - 32 Emily Osborne eosborne@m.marywood.edu
Woodland Residences Apts. 33 - 36 Ryan Kozich rkozich@m.marywood.edu