Resident Manual: Checking-In and Out

Residence Life

Closings and University Breaks

University Housing is closed during the following University breaks:

  • Thanksgiving
  • End of the Fall Semester Closing
  • Spring
  • Easter
  • End-of-the-Year Closing

Residents of all living units are expected to vacate during these break periods according to the schedule published by Housing and Residence Life. During these breaks, housing may be approved to be provided for residential students involved in University functions. Dining Services are not provided during this time period; students are responsible for securing their own meals.

The University is closed during the time period between Christmas and New Year's Day, and all residents must vacate University Housing for this time period. This means that no students will be allowed to stay in University Housing during the period between Christmas and New Year's Day.

Residents wishing to stay during any of the break periods must apply for permission to do so. Permission is typically based on required participation in University activities and/or distance from students' permanent homes. Nightly fees may apply. Housing and Residence Life will communicate procedures for requesting to stay during University breaks, including that all university and residence hall policies will be in effect during the break. Guests are not permitted in the residence halls during closings.

All applications to stay on campus must be received one week in advance of the beginning of the break period for full consideration.

Prior to break, each student will be given a check list for things that must be completed in preparation for the University break. All rooms, including the Woodlands and rooms which will remain occupied, will be checked by at least two members of the Residence Life staff. A fee and/or judicial/conduct charges will be assessed if violations are found. Please contact Housing and Residence Life at (570) 348-6236, if you have any questions regarding this matter.

Check-In Procedures

  • Students receive a Fall Housing Confirmation e-mail in mid-August, detailing check-in dates, times, and locations.
  • On arrival, each resident must complete a Room Condition Form (RCF) which is a written documentation of the student's room condition. This form is used for the assessment of any damages that may occur throughout the year.
  • The Room Condition Form is to be signed and kept on file by Housing and Residence Life staff until checkout. If a student does not sign the Room Condition Form, the description provided by the Residence life staff will be considered a true and accurate assessment of the room's condition.
  • Students changing rooms mid-year are responsible for verifying the condition of the room they are leaving, and for completing an RCF of the newly assigned space.

Check-Out Procedures

  • The student must remove all belongings from the room and ensure that the room is as they moved in to it.
  • A Resident Assistant will review the room and record any new damages on the Room Condition Form.
  • The room will be subject to another review by the Residence Director to determine whether any other damages are notable.
  • The student must return room, building, and mailbox keys to the Housing and Residence Life, located in Liberal Arts Center room 227. Keys to the mailbox must be returned to the Housing and Residence Life if the student will no longer be living on campus.  Mailbox keys not returned prior to the student moving off-campus will be charged a $35 mailbox re-core fee.
  • Students leaving a room mid-year must notify their Residence Directors or the Director of Housing and Residence Life. Remember, the Housing and Dining Agreement is in effect for a full academic year unless a release from the agreement has been approved by the Director of Housing and Residence Life.
  • Students leaving at the end of the semester must move out within 24 hours of their last final exam or by the designated date and time, whichever is earlier.
  • Improper checkout means that a resident did not check out of the residence hall properly and may be subject to a $25 fee.