Residence Life: Move-In Checklist

For your convenience we've developed a list of Suggested Items to bring with you from home. For your safety and security, there are items not permitted in University Housing. Please view the list of these Prohibited Items.

Prior to Move-In 

  • Complete the Housing and Dining Agreement and Preference Form located on the Marywood Student Portal.

Move-In Checklist

  • Bring your completed Health History, Physical and Immunization Record if you have not already submitted it to Student Health Services. This form is required of all residential students.

  • Bring compliance information that you have either received the meningitis vaccination or signed an informed consent waiver, if you have not already submitted this information to Student Health Services. Compliance with this state law is required of all residential students.

  • Pack carefully. In most cases, you are sharing a room with at least one other individual who also needs equal access to the room. If possible, plan to bring just the necessities at first and adjust during the year.

  • One of the first things you will do when you check into your room will be to verify the condition of your room. Before you move your items in, you will be asked to identify any existing conditions in the room -- such as paint chips, marks on the walls, etc. Please do this carefully as another assessment will be conducted at the end of the year and charges may be applied for any differences in room condition.

  • Plan to attend mandatory Residence Life meetings which will occur over the course of the weekend.  Specific times, dates and locations for each living area will be announced at check-in.  Both Marywood University and Housing and Residence Life policies and procedures will be reviewed and you will receive information on how to obtain your campus mailbox key.


As a reminder, your Housing and Residence Life paperwork may be completed separately from/prior to your Health History documentation.