Housing & Residence Life: New Students

New Student Move-In Information


New incoming and transfer students can select their housing and roommate preferences by accessing the Housing and Dining Agreement and Preference form in their Marywood Student Portal by going to New Student Checklist, then Housing Forms.

Check-in for new First-Year (Freshmen) and Transfer students

Saturday, August 20th from 8:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.
  • Pack carefully! In most cases, you are sharing a room with at least one other individual who also needs equal access to the room. Plan to bring just the necessities at first and adjust during the year.
  • When you check into your room you will be asked to verify the condition of your room via a Room Condition Form (RCF). You will be asked to identify any existing conditions in the room such as paint chips, marks on the walls, etc. Please do this carefully as another assessment will be conducted at the end of the year and charges may be applied for any differences in room condition.

Student Health Services requirements for all residential students:

  • Compliance information that you have either received the meningitis vaccine or signed an informed consent waiver (state law)
  • A negative COVID-19 test result 3-5 days prior to your scheduled move-in date or proof of vaccination (to be uploaded to Student Health portal)

Residence Hall Street Address and Check-In Location:

Loughran Hall - 1406 University Avenue, Dunmore, PA 18509


Things to Remember:

In general, lofting or bunking beds will not be permitted. University personnel will not adjust bed heights during check-in or throughout the school year.  Please make sure that you bring a wastebasket and shower curtain with you as the University does not provide these items. We strongly advise reviewing the "What to Bring" and "What NOT to Bring" lists available on the Marywood University Housing & Residence Life website as well as the Resident Manual.