About the Contest

The thrill of starting college and moving out of your parents' home can be swiftly undermined by the sight of your new room.  Room size, fitting in all your belongings, and sharing space with others can be daunting.  We want to see how, with a little creativity and imagination, you transformed your space into a cozy campus retreat!


The room decorating contest is open to all current Marywood residents. All photos are eligible to be featured on the Marywood University website.  Submitted photos must be of your own room. Before you submit your photos, please review the Residence Life listing of Prohibited Items.

Categories and Judging 

When you enter the Room Decorating Contest, you are automatically entered into judging for the Best in Hall category. This means you will compete against every other entry from your residence hall:

  • Loughran Hall
  • Madonna Hall
  • Regina Hall
  • Woodland Residences
  • Small Housing Units (Perpetual Help, McCarty, and Emmanuel Halls are all considered one category).

Entries will be judged by staff members from Housing & Residence Life, Web Development, and the Student Activities office.  Entries will be judged during the week of October 6th using the criteria to the right. Winners will be announced by October 10th.


The Winner of each category will receive a $20 gift certificate from Amazon and two Cinemark movie tickets! 


Best in Hall submissions must be submitted by 9:00 a.m. Monday, September 29th. Winners will be announced announced by October 10th.

Rules & Guidelines

  • Contest is open only to students living in University residence halls.
  • Enter as many times as you like!
  • All entries must comply with both University and Housing & Residence Life policies. A full listing of Residential Life policies is available on the University website at Housing & Residence Life policies, and University policies are available in the current Student Handbook.
  • Entries with photographs that show University and or Housing & Residence Life policy violations will be disqualified before judging takes place.
  • No visible drug or alcohol paraphernalia or promotional materials.
  • No visible pornography or obscene material.
  • All residents of each room must agree to enter the contest. Each resident must respond to a confirmation e-mail permitting their participation in the competition.
  • Entries will be judged on the basis of the photographs submitted by residents. In submitting these photographs, residents give permission for any images taken during this process to be used indefinitely on Marywood University’s website and in Housing & Residence Life or Marywood University marketing materials for the purposes of providing visual examples of residence hall rooms. Participants must understand that online images will be viewed by anyone visiting the University’s website and/or marketing materials.
  • All application deadlines must be met.

Residents should not invest money into improving their rooms solely for the purposes of this contest. Entries will not be judged on how expensive rooms appear to be, but on the interesting and creative ways that residents have decided to work with limited means and spaces.  Thanks for entering, and good luck!

How To Enter

It’s easy! Just take a photo of your decorated room, complete the Entry Form by 9 a.m. on September 29th, and win prizes! Good luck!


  • Get creative with your photography! Shoot the room from a unique angle.
  • Include your friends and roommates!
  • Send a high-quality photo!
  • Show your school spirit!
  • Be yourself! We want to see your personality come out through your design choices!