Rooms Tentatively Available At Room Selection:

Below are lists of both female and male housing options for the upcoming Room Selection April 14-16.  Please be aware that additional space may be added to this list after specific room assignments have been made for Themed Housing Communities and as RA's choose suite- and Woodland Residence-mates.  These lists will be updated at the completion of each night of Room Selection.

Not certain when to attend Room Selection?  Not sure if you have met registration or housing deposit criteria for Room Selection?  Thanks to the helpful staff of the Web Development Office, you can click the link below, log into your portal and see:

  • Your cumulative GPA,
  • Your total completed credits,
  • Your Fall 2015 registered credits, and
  • If your $300 housing deposit is paid


If you have registered for Fall 2015 courses and paid your $300 housing deposit, you will see:

  • If you qualify for residence in the Woodlands Halls (as well as the day and your estimated start time for Woodland Residence selection for those interested in the Woodlands option), and
  • Your day and time of arrival for participation in General Room Selection based on your completed credits


If you have not registered for Fall 2015 courses and/or paid your $300 housing deposit you will receive a message indicating that one or both of these Room Selection Qualifications have not yet been met.