What do I need to do if I am currently a commuter student and I want to live on campus next year?

Complete the Room Selection Interest Form for Commuter Students so that we can add your name to our rosters and make certain that you receive information related to room selection. You will need to submit all specified paperwork and meet all the necessary requirements of whichever Room Selection process (Themed Housing, Woodlands selection, or participation in the general selection process) that applies.

What if I am studying abroad for the spring semester?

Students studying abroad for the spring semester can participate in any housing selection that they prefer: Themed Housing, Room Encore, Woodland Residences Selection or General Room Selection. If they are participating in Themed Housing or Room Encore, students should make sure that their name is on the required application. For Woodland Residence Selection or General Room Selection, students studying abroad may choose to complete a proxy form or e-mail the Housing and Residence Life Office, reslife@marywood.edu,  the name of the individual who will be acting as their proxy.  A student studying abroad may also choose to have a Residence Life staff person act as a proxy.

What should I do if I am not sure about my plans to return next year?
  • If you definitely want to know that you have selected a place on campus where you would want to be, then you should proceed with participation in the room selection process. If you decide not to return to Marywood prior to the scheduled Fall semester check-in day, you would forfeit the $300 housing deposit however room and board charges would be removed from your student account.  
  • If you are eligible to live off campus (past your second year of enrollment, over 21 years of age, or are living with parents/guardians in your primary family home within a 50 mile radius of the University campus) and are interested in pursuing that option, then do not participate in the room selection process until after you have made the decision to stay on campus.
  • If you want to take additional time to determine your plans and not run the risk of losing the $300 housing deposit, you could wait and contact the Housing and Residence Life office after the conclusion of the room selection process.  You may choose a housing assignment from any of those spaces still available on a first-come, first-serve basis.  Please be aware that new incoming students will receive priority for available space after July 15, 2016.
  • We recommend that you think early about your housing options and plan accordingly.
What if I am not participating in Room Encore, Themed Housing or Woodland Residences Selection?

If you are not participating in any of those above room selections, then you will attend General Room Selection, which will be held Wednesday, April 20 and Thursday, April 21 in the Latour Room of Nazareth Hall according to the following schedules:




CREDITS:                            START TIME:                      END TIME:

120+                                    8:00 PM                               8:10 PM

119.9-100                             8:11 PM                               8:30 PM

99.9-90                                 8:31 PM                               9:00 PM

89.9-80                                 9:01 PM                               9:30 PM

79.9-70                                 9:31 PM                               10:00 PM

69.9-60                                 10:01 PM                             10:30 PM

59.9-54                                 10:31 PM                             11:00 PM

53.9-50                                 11:01 PM                             11:30 PM

49.9-47                                 11:31 PM                             12MID





CREDITS:                            START TIME:                      END TIME:

46.9-40                                 8:00 PM                               8:30 PM

39.9-30                                 8:31 PM                               9:00 PM

29.9-20                                 9:01 PM                               9:30 PM

19.9-17                                 9:31 PM                               10:00 PM

16.9-16                                 10:01 PM                             10:30 PM

15.9-15                                 10:31 PM                             11:00 PM

14.9-0                                   11:01 PM                             11:30 PM

How do I apply for housing accommodations related to a physical, psychological, or other disability?

Please contact Diane Webber in the Office of Disability Services at dtwebber@marywood.edu.  March 28, 2016 is the priority deadline for students requesting housing accommodations due to a documented disability. Requests received after March 28 will be considered; however, advance notice is preferred whenever possible in order to evaluate student requests thoroughly. Click here for Disability Services: Housing FAQs

Does Madonna Hall have a GPA or credit hour requirement?

No, Madonna does not have any minimum requirements.

What if I am studying abroad for the fall semester?

Students studying abroad for the fall semester will not participate in room selection during the spring process. In late November or early December, you should plan on contacting the Office of Housing and Residence Life to begin the process of arranging your spring semester housing.

What are my chances for getting a room in...?

Unfortunately, we do not have statistics for the likelihood of students getting placement in a particular residence. Each year, students prefer different residences; therefore, each year, the residences fill at different rates so we are unable to predict placements.

What if I want to live with a new, incoming student?

If you are interested in living with a new student, either a freshman or a transfer, we recommend that you stop by Housing and Residence Life office to schedule an appointment with the Director. Your course of action will vary depending on where the new student is in the Admission process.