Salary Savings from Sponsored Projects Salary Savings from Sponsored Projects

Related Marywood University Policy: Sharing of Recovered Indirect Costs on Faculty, Department, College Contract and Grants. 

Policy: Funds that are reimbursed for base salary and benefits under a sponsored project agreement will be allocated according to the implementation guidelines below.

Purpose: Marywood University expects and encourages faculty to conduct research and to seek external funds for research. One way to encourage faculty to do so is to assure that all external funds received for the direct costs of research are actually used to support the research infrastructure in departments, centers, institutes, and the University. These funds must be used within the fiscal year in which they were budgeted and are subject to the approval of the Vice President for Academic Affairs. Research and Sponsored Programs will manage the distribution of funds.

Scope of Application: This policy applies to all funds reimbursed from sponsored agreements for any portion of an employee's base salary and benefits that would otherwise be paid by the University. The policy does not apply to supplementary salary or to any portion of an employee's base salary that is contingent upon external support.

Implementation: When a sponsored project reimburses any portion of an employee's base salary or benefits funds will be allocated to the employee's college to defray the cost of replacing the employee if release time has been approved.  

Deans and Chairs will be informed of the availability of salary savings and may access funds by making a request in writing to the Vice President for Academic Affairs. Distribution will be made as follows:  25% Fiscal Affairs, 10% Vice President for Academic Affairs, 15% for the Dean of the originating college, and 50% to the originating department.

(Revised and approved by Deans 12/12/12)
(Revised at Academic Council 5/15/13)