RSP Policy Detail

Equipment Purchase Policy

University computer hardware and software is purchased and inventoried through Marywood's Information Tecchnology (IT). This unit also keeps track of software registration to ensure the university is in compliance with copyright law. After a component is purchased, it is generally installed and serviced by Marywood  University's IT Department.

The University also supports a yearly request cycle where academic departments and other university units can make requests for new (additional) hardware and software. If approved, these items are placed on the computer replacement plan whereby hardware is replaced on a four year cycle; software is evaluated on a two year cycle. If a request is not approved, the department could purchase the equipment if funding permits. However, this item is not placed on the replacement plan.

For equipment that is not primarily computer-based, individual departments and units assume responsibility for these purchases. These range from specialized equipment (e.g., lighting boards and video switchers) to laboratory equipment. The respective departments also keep inventory of these items.

All equipment purchased with external funds (grants, contracts and collaborative agreements) are inventoried as part of the usual University procedure.  An identification tag stating that the item was purchased with the funding source is affixed to each inventoried item.  The Project Director on individual projects updates all inventories as new items are received.  Copies of the inventory are sent to the Business Affairs Office for inclusion in the fixed assets inventory used for insurance purposes. Warranties for equipment and software are completed and sent in by the individual Project Directors, with copies retained in the originating department.