Direct and Indirect Costs Direct and Indirect Costs

Costs are charged to a project both directly and as part of the overhead, or "facilities & administrative (indirect) cost rate."  This policy and its procedures establish practices for defining, charging, and coding direct and facilities and administrative costs to University accounts.  It also explains when an F&A waiver might be needed and outlines the process for obtaining the waiver.


Sharing of Recovered Indirect Costs on Faculty, Department, College Contract and Grants

Distribution of Indirect Cost from a funded project shall be distributed in the following manner:

University General Fund                                    40%
Research and Sponsored Programs                 30%
Initiating Department/ Center or Institute           20%
Dean                                                                  10%


Indirect cost funds distributed to Research and Sponsored Programs, Department, Center, or Institute shall be used to strengthen and support the research infrastructure in departments, centers, institutes, and the University.  These funds may accumulate over fiscal years and are subject to review by Research and Sponsored Programs.  

Most contracts and many grants will be cost reimbursable and excesses will be returned to the sponsor.  However, if the contract is a fixed-price contract, remaining excess, after direct costs have been accounted for; will remain for use by the initiating department, center, or institute.

This is the present policy of Research and Sponsored Programs as it appears in the guidelines.  The introductory statement in the document indicates that the guidelines refer to faculty research grants and contracts. 


Institute or College

In the event of collaborative efforts, sharing will be based on the percent of effort of the Principal Investigators.  This will be documented at time of submission.