RSP Policy Detail

Application Types

Before starting the proposal application make sure that the type of application is appropriate for the project being proposed.  Several application types are defined below.  These application types are primarily used by federal agencies; however, other types of sponsors may have similar applications.  All applications must be cleared and routed through Research and Sponsored Programs.


Pre-application, preliminary, pre-proposal or letter of intent

A pre-proposal establishes communication between the sponsor and the applicant to determine whether a full proposal should be submitted and to obtain advice that will improve the proposal's chance of success.  Pre-applications are often required. Preapproval and letters of intent do not require full clearance by Marywood administrators.


Applications for projects that have not been previously funded by the sponsor.


Applications for continued support on current projects which the sponsor already funds.

Renewal or Competing

Funding is not guaranteed and the application is pooled with other proposals for review.  If awarded, the extended period of support is considered an extension of the original proposal.


For multiyear projects, sponsors may require annual applications for continued funding.  These applications do not compete for funds.


A request for additional funds for a project.

Revised new or revised renewal

If a proposal has been rejected, the Principle Investigator often has an opportunity to use the reviewer's comments to revise the proposal and resubmit it.  Contact the sponsor's program officer for guidelines.