RSP Policy Detail

    Professional Leave of Absence

    A faculty member who is not eligible for sabbatical, but who wishes to spend a range of time to support scholarship, creative activity, teaching or service that is of measurable benefit to the institution, may request a leave of absence. The request must be submitted well in advance of contract time, in any event at least one full semester prior to taking the leave. The duration of the leave may be variable and must be supported by the department chair and dean and approved by the Provost.

    While not paid a salary during the leave, the individual would still be covered by the University's benefits including health insurance, dental insurance, vision insurance, life insurance, accidental death and dismemberment insurance, disability insurance, and tuition benefits at the same level and cost to the employee as if the employee were not on leave. If the individual is serving during the leave in a capacity in which s/he is entitled to benefits or pay at another institution, s/he would not receive benefits from Marywood.

    S/he would be considered a member of the faculty in absence and the year(s) may be counted as a year(s) in-service for calculation of tenure, advancement in rank, and benefits. If s/he does not return to the University at the end of the leave, s/he is liable to the University for the cost of any benefits paid during the leave of absence.