Internal Awards Details

Murray Award For Research And Development

2016 / 2017

Dietary Habits and Nutritional Deficits of Guatemalan Mothers currently Enrolled in the Child Health and Nutrition Program (2016)
Amount: $10,000
Jessica Bodzio, MS, RDN, LDN Clinical Assistant Professor Nutrition and Dietetics

2015 / 2016

The Effects of an Acute Dose of Tart Cherry Supplement on Markers of Inflammation, Oxidative Stress, Pain, and Biomechanical Symptoms (2015)
Amount: $10,000
Angela Hillman, Ph.D. ECP Athletic Training and Exercise Science

2014 / 2015

Development of Effective Wireless Charge System for Wireless Sensor Networks (2014)
Amount: $10,000
Zaixin Lu, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Mathmatics and Computer Science

2013 / 2014

An Independent Wireless Drug Delivery and Monitoring Device and App For Improved Insulin-Pumps (2013)
Amount: $4,000
Ahmed Gomaa, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Business and Managerial Science

The Metabolic Fate and Pharmacokinetics of Two Organic Acids in Human Plasma (2013)
Amount: $ 4,000
Deanne Dulik Garver, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Science

Advanced Sustainable Wall Design (2013)
Amount: $2,000
W. Kevin Wyllie, Director, Graduate Interior Architecture, School of Architecture

2012 / 2013

Biochemical Toxicology and Evolution (2012)
Amount: $ 5,000
Robin Ertl, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Science

The Facilitation of Social Networks in Freshman Housing (2012)
Amount: $5,000
Joseph Cabrera, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Social Sciences

2011 / 2012

Uncovering the Elements of Situation Awareness to Determine Optimal Training Paradigms for Flying, Driving, and other Dynamic Environments (2011)
Amount: $10,000
Andrew Datell, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Psychology

2010 / 2011

Increasing the Rate of Expired Ventilation through Exercise to Reduce Carboxyhemoglobin Levels in Blood (2010)
Amount: $10,000
Gerald S. Zavorsky, Ph.D., Director, Human Physiology Lab

2009 / 2010

Using Liquid Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry (LC-MS) to Identify Protein-Bound Red Wine Polyphenols in Characterizing Telomerase Inhibition in Yeast (2009)
Amount: $5,000
Deborah Hokien, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Science

Atelier Initiative (2009)
Amount: $5,000
Robert Arthur Griffith, Ph.D., Professor, Art

2008 / 2009

Role of Sialidase in the Pathogenesis of Clostridium Perfringens (2008)
Amount: $5,000
Sameera Sayeed, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Science

The Effects of Portable Music Device Usage on Running Biomechanics – A Pilot Study (2008)
Amount: $5,000
James Smiloga, DVM, Ph.D., Assistant Professor Health and Physical Education

2007 / 2008

Chromosome Process Regulation (2007)
Amount: $5,000
Lisa Antoniacci, Ph. D., Assistant Professor Science

Neurobiology of Drug Addiction in Invertebrate Systems (2007)
Amount: $5,000
Thomas Nathaniel, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Science

2006 / 2007

Investigation the Distribution of Smooth-Integers (2006)
Amount: $5,000
Chaogui Zhang, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Math

GS-NO Enhances LT Producation After PM Inhalation (2006)
Amount: $5,000
Kenneth W. Rundell, Ph.D., Director Human Performance Lab

2005 / 2006

Studies on Cellular Survival: Biochemical and Genetic Studies of a Cold-Shock Protein (2005)
Amount: $5,000
Michael C. Kiel, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Science

The Effects of Wellness Programs on the Costs of Healthcare at Marywood University (2005)
Amount: $5,000
Jill Murray, Ph.D., Program Director, Institute for Health and Wellness

2004 / 2005

Mechanisms of Cellular Protein Synthesis – Studies on Ribosome Recycling in Eukaryotic Cells (2004)
Amount: $5,000
Michael C. Kiel, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Science

Characterization of Serine Proteases from Brucella spp – To Establish an Experimental System (2004)
Amount: $5,000
Mary Ann Wagner, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Science