Religious Studies: Academic Programs

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Major: BA Religious Studies

A major in religious studies provides a comprehensive overview of the religious beliefs, practices, and values of Christianity and Judaism, as well as other religious traditions. Special attention is given to the Catholic tradition, but our course offerings are broad enough to benefit students of all religious traditions as they explore their own spirituality. The program focuses on scripture, morality, theology, sacraments, spirituality, and ministry. Two concentration are available:

Church Ministry Concentration

This concentration is designed for those who intend to engage in some form of church ministry, from religious education to youth ministry.

Christian Tradition Concentration 

This concentration focuses on expertise the Christian tradition in view of graduate study or research.

Minor In Religious Studies

A minor in religious studies is an excellent introduction to Christianity and Judaism, as well as other religious traditions. It's a perfect compliment to a variety of majors, like psychology, music, social work, and education.

Minor In World Religions

Religion plays a prominent role in world events today and an increasing variety of religions are represented in the United States. An accurate understanding of religion prepares one to be a responsible citizen in this diverse and interdependent world. Professionals in the fields of journalism, social work, healthcare, public safety, and counseling are expressing the need to have a better understanding of the many religions represented among the people they encounter. The emphasis of the minor is on breadth and inter-religious competency.