Religious Studies Program

world religions

Program Overview

The religious studies program is central to the Marywood experience. Every student takes several courses in religious studies as part of Marywood's liberal arts core curriculum.

A major or minor in religious studies offers an overview of the beliefs, practices, and values of Christianity and Judaism, as well as other religious traditions. While special attention is given to the Catholic tradition, course offerings are broad enough to benefit you in your own search for religious meaning.

Why Religious Studies?

Students choose religious studies for a variety of reasons:

  • Are you interested in learning more about Catholicism and other world religions?
  • Do you want to prepare for a life of service and ministry to others?
  • Do you seek to develop your own spiritual identity?

Our faculty members are sensitive to your needs and goals. We're eager to help you answer Marywood's call to live responsibly in an interdependent world.