Frequently Asked Questions

    Marywood requires a grade of 'C' or better for transfer. Grades of 'C-' are not transferable. Courses that are graded Pass/No Pass or Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory will be considered if the 'P' or 'S' grade is equivalent to a 'C'.

    Marywood requires a GPA of 2.25 on a minimum of 12 transfer credits. Different programs at Marywood (for example Architecture and Education) may require a higher GPA for transfer students.

    Marywood accepts students as 'Undeclared/Undecided'. Students who come in under this designation must declare a major by the end of their second semester. Students who do not meet the QPA requirements for a specific program may be accepted as 'Undeclared/With Interest In'. These students' academic success will be evaluated at the end of their first semester by the individual academic department.

    While recognizing the value of all learning, Marywood is unable to award credit for the following courses:

    • Developmental courses
    • ESL courses
    • Technical courses (such as Automotive or Circuit courses)

    Credits from institutions that are not regionally accredited will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

    The Coordinator of Prior Learning Assessment will conduct a credit evaluation once all transcripts have been received. The evaluation will be e-mailed to the student at the address provided on the student's application.

    A course-by-course evaluation will be conducted by the Coordinator of Prior Learning Assessment to determine the number of credits a student will receive in transfer. Typically, no more than 60 credits are accepted in transfer; however, there are exceptions.  

    At least 42 credits must be taken in order to receive a Marywood degree (minimum of 30 credits for a student transferring into a program as part of a pre-approved articulation agreement with another school).  Ordinarily at least one-half of the credits required for a major must also be earned at Marywood.

    Most transfer students can expect to spend a minimum of 2.5 years at Marywood to earn their degree. In some instances, this could be shorter or longer depending on the student's degree program, number of transfer credits, and number of credits taken per semester at Marywood. 

    At least 42 credits must be taken in order to receive a Marywood degree (minimum of 30 credits for a student transferring into a program as part of a pre-approved articulation agreement with another school). Ordinarily at least one-half of the credits required for a major must also be earned at Marywood.

    Grades do not transfer to Marywood, only credits. A student's QPA (quality point average) at Marywood is calculated based on courses completed only at Marywood or through the University of Scranton consortium agreement.

    For a student's first semester at Marywood, the student will meet with the Coordinator of Prior Learning Assessment (CPLA) to schedule classes. The CPLA will put together a schedule for the student based on the transfer credits and Marywood's core curriculum and program requirements. At the meeting, the CPLA and the student will discuss the schedule, make any changes, and register for classes. In future terms, students will meet with an academic advisor in the academic department to discuss course choices and the student may register online.

    Marywood offers evening courses and some online courses. Some undergraduate courses are 'hybrid' courses with portions of the class being held online. See course descriptions for additional information.

    Yes, Marywood awards credit for CLEP exams. Marywood follows the American Council on Education's (ACE) recommendations for awarding credit. Students who have completed CLEP exams should have their official scores sent to Marywood.

    Marywood University offers a portfolio process for students who have significant life experience that could potentially take the place of one of Marywood's courses. A portfolio workshop for all students is held twice a year: once in the fall semester and once in the spring semester. Interested students should contact the Coordinator of Prior Learning Assessment for additional information.

    Yes, Marywood accepts AP credits provided the student has earned a grade of '3' or higher. Students should contact the College Board and have their AP scores sent directly to Marywood. Marywood does not accept AP scores from high school transcripts.

    Marywood awards merit-based scholarships to transfer students.

    Additionally, transfer students that are members of Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) are eligible for a $1500 scholarship per year. Students must have proof of membership, a 3.5 QPA, and an earned Associate's degree.