Registrar Class Roster/Attendance Procedure

Class Rosters

Class Rosters are viewable by using the Faculty Information functions available through the MarywoodYou portal which may be accessed via the Marywood website at These rosters will provide accurate and current information regarding the enrollees in your course(s) on an ongoing basis. All faculty are asked to verify attendance in their classes using the online listing of students.

Marywood University must, in order to be compliant with federal regulation, collect information regarding student attendance. We are required to track cases both where a student does not report to a classs, as well as, those students who subsequently discontinue attendance along with the last date on which they appeared. In addition, Marywood practice dictates that in cases where a student fails to report to class the registration for that course is canceled. Students who have attended (even once) are responsible for processing a withdrawal from the course. We rely on faculty for accurate information as there are academic and financial consequences for both the student and University. Your decisions in this regard cannot be arbitrary; we have to depend upon you for the facts.

 All faculty should use the online form to indicate the following:

  1. Students who were "no shows" for a class: Please submit this information using the online format. Do not notate it on the WebAdvisor Class Roster. It is important that we have this information as soon as possible so that we can act to remove the student.
  2. Students who stopped coming to class along with their last date of attendance
  3. Students who are attending but do not appear on the Class Roster: Note that if a student comes to class who was not on your list when last accessed, send the student to the Academic Records Office to complete the process. If the student indicates that s/he has registered for the class, the student may be allowed to remain in class. You can later access your class list on-line to verify that any student who is not on your list is properly enrolled. If the student does not appear on the list s/he should be directed to the Academic Records Office prior to the next class meeting.
  4. Verify that the roster and student attendance reconcile

All faculty are asked to complete the online form as soon as possible, but definitely by the specified date.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Cancelled/Closed Courses

     Chairpersons, not the Registrar, make decisions on cancellation of coures, differential schedulings, etc. Course instructors are requested not to tell students that they will allow them into any section which is considered "closed." If it is necessary for a student to be placed in a closed section, the student will be waitlisted and notified of an open seat in the course via email. Only chairpersons may authorize students for registration into a closed course or overriding the waitlist.