Faculty Attendance Verification Form(s) are due to be submitted online on or before February 3, 2017.

Instructions for submitting your Faculty Attendance Verification Form:

  1. Log on to the MarywoodYou portal.
  2. Sign in with your User name and Password.
  3. Click onto the link located in the upper left hand side marked "Faculty Attendance Form" to verify your class list for the Spring 2017 semester.
  4. Click into the drop down box marked "For my class" and choose a course.
  5. Click into the drop down box marked "My web advisor class roster is." You must choose a response by clicking on "correct" or "inaccurate" to submit any updates of attendance.
  6. When you are done click "Submit this class."
  7. You will receive an email notification when the process has been completed.


Attendance Verification forms for Summer I 2014 are due on or before May 28, 2014 using the MarywoodYou Portal - Faculty Attendance Form.

Grades to entered by Noon on July 9, 2014 Using the MarywoodYou Portal - Grading.