Walton Medal

Walton Medal

Walton Medal for Excellence in Public Administration

Master of Public Administration students are nominated by faculty for the Walton Medal.  Once students are selected for nomination, they receive a letter from the department requesting their resume and submission of documentation for the specific criteria from Dr. Walton. These criteria are:

  1. Demonstration of professionalism and integrity.
  2. Contribution to the field of public administration.
  3. Academic scholarship.
  4. Leadership in community services.

Based on the documentation a student is then selected. 

Past Recipients

2022    William Craven

2021    Kayla Windoloski

2020    Matthew Bartos 

2019    Michael Krzywicki

2018    Michael Williams

2017    Nicole Brown

2016    Meghan Loftus 

2015    Courtney Floyd 

2014    Todd Pousley

2013    William Hoban

2012    Julanne Skinner

2011    Sean Hogan 

2010    Nina Cecilia Dei Tos

2009    Lisa White Brudnicki

2008    Matthew Lavelle

2007    Amy M. Szydlowski

2006    Adeline Gwen Noto

2005    Thomas J. Olson

2004    Joseph P. Ross

2003    Shannon Marie Kazmdotcmsdbuser

2002    Joseph B. Moskovitz

2001    Andrew James Nicholas

2000    Karen Elise Wormack

1999    Kimberly Armbruster-Saunders

1998    Cynthia A. Kozel

1997    Sonji Lee