Demonstrating Nonlinear Organizational Dynamics

Demonstrating Nonlinear Organizational Dynamics

MPA Class at Geisinger-Danville


Associate 1: We have a crisis: we are in dire need of more cupcakes, so we need to figure out what we need to do. Ok, so we are going to have our meeting

All Associates: We better each have one. We'll have our ritual. We all better have one. I knocked over my computer. We are running out of cupcakes!

Associate 2: [... ]to just three days a week because we are selling so much that if they're off an extra day that could be, one, a great reward for them and, secondly, it will help reduce our sales then we don't have such a backlog. What do you think about that idea?

All Associates: That's a good idea. I don't like that idea. I don't like that idea. [horns blowing]

Associate 3: The only idea I was thinking of is what if we do like a reverse bake sale, Instead of us buying or having and selling the product, we buy them from our employees. And then for the more people that we can buy more cupcakes from, then, you know, we could give them rewards like incentives like vacation time or extra hours at the end of the day, like half days on Fridays so they would have [???] time in the morning, then could leave in the afternoon on every Friday.

Associate 1: Works for me! Oh, that is a good idea! That's a very an innovative idea.

Associate 4: I don't know how the Department of Health would like that, taking back the cupcakes?


Invited Community Member: Well, I have my church lady friends and I was just on my way to church, down the new alternative church right down the block and you know I think they would be really happy to help. They really like to bake and they're all on diets, so they won't eat all the cupcakes. So, I think that would be great and I'm sure they would help. You know, and then if the company would like to give a little donation to the church, well, double blessing. I think it would be great.

Associate 4: That's a fabulous idea. Yeah.

Invited Community Member: You know, we're part of the community and we like to help. And God knows, I think you guys need some help.

Associate 1: You're the PR/Marketing. We could really market that up good.


Associate 4: I could call the TV station and we'd get good coverage for that.

All Associates: It's going to save us some labor. Yes, 'cause we wouldn't have to pay anything.