Demonstrating Linear Organizational Dynamics

Demonstrating Linear Organizational Dynamics

MPA Class at Geisinger-Danville



Manager: After all this time, I really thought the idea would have dropped. We are behind on the eight ball on supplies, on training, and now our competitors are now two steps ahead of us. Jeff, get in here!

Supervisor 2: What is it, Ashley?

Manager: You are in trouble, Jeff. We need florescent bulb. The regulation has passed and we are not prepared.

Supervisor 2: OK, I will start right away with organizing this project.  I am sure we can get all the appropriate equipment around and get the training of the line workers scheduled right away.

Manager: I expect this will take some time to implement, Jeff.  I've heard possibly 6 months, but I insist that this is up and running in three months.

Supervisor 2: Yes, Ashley, this will be done.

Manager: Manager: We must not let our competitors get ahead of us, no matter what!


Supervisor 1:  ... and we're going to begin this Saturday

Worker 1: You got to be kidding me! Positive, my patootie!

Supervisor 1: Kent, calm down! This is a good thing. These are good, positive.

Worker 1: How's everybody thinking about bargaining our demands for mandatory training on Saturday?


Worker 2: This is getting too much for me, with the grandchildren and everything and all these changes.

Worker 3: I'm just thinking I got a new car, I need overtime. I need money. That's all.

Worker 2: May be I just retire.

Worker 1: I'll probably beat you to the grave before you retire.

Worker 3: Let's go. We'll go tomorrow morning, it's our job.

Worker 1: Oh, yippee skippy.


Manager: Look at these numbers.

Supervisor 1: What is this?

Supervisor 2: Supervisor 2: The monthly numbers.

Manager: What happened? These numbers are way below the projected volume. Explain this immediately!

Supervisor1: The new equipment took longer to install than we initially planned; and once we got it in, it didn't work correctly, so we lost two days in production.

Supervisor 2: And one of our staff is now on sick leave.  Kent drank too much beer on the weekend, tripped and broke his ankle and he's going to be off for 4 - 6 weeks. Bea decided that watching her grandchildren was more satisfying, so she's retiring.  And the new changes were too much for her.  Sarah offered to work overtime, but I am not sure if she is going to keep up with the volume.