The purpose of the Kurdish Students Club at Marywood University is to promote Kurdish Culture, history and folklore at Marywood University and support the friendship between the American and Kurdish people. All Marywood University students can join the club. Read Marywood University's Wood Word on the Club's March 21, 2014 Newroz event.

Dr. Alexander Dawoody is the Club's adviser.




Marywood University's Public Policy Club (PPC) is a student organization created and run by graduate MPA students at Marywood University. It seeks to provide all Marywood students with professional and social networks and engage the community in public affairs and civic engagement. Marywood University's Public Policy Club builds on the MPA program's motto, to operate locally and thinks globally. It aims to promote peace, collaboration, participatory citizenship, green awareness, taking a stance in support of democratic movements and bringing the world together through tolerance, diversity of ideas, conflict resolution, mediation, ethical principles, peace and accountability.

The PPC began in Fall 2010 and is recognized by Marywood University's students association. It interacts outside the classroom and engages students in local, national and international public policy issues in order to increase awareness of our roles in the world and to make a difference through education, peace and engagement. Building on the university's slogan "Lead on", the PPC works to prepare students to lead on through active participation, awareness, access to information, and networking.

The PPC encourages students to excel academically, bridge between the classroom and the community, connect with the world through critical and reflective thinking, take charge, participate in academic conferences and seminars, publish in professional research journals, write on relevant issues concerning public service, mobilize, and stand-up for democracy. The Club also aims to engage in study abroad programs, engage with international student organizations and form partnerships and networks with MPA students around the world.

To get involved, simply join the PPC, attend its events, and take a leadership position in the organization or volunteer your time. Membership is open to any matriculated Marywood University graduate student of public administration programs. No fees are required.

The Public Policy Club's adviser is Dr. Alexander Dawoody.