MPA/ PhD Degree

The MPA program at Marywood University is linked with the PhD program in Administration and Leadership. Students can apply for a joint MPA-PhD degree either during the admissions process, during their MPA studies or after graduating with an MPA from Marywood University. MPA courses that overlap with courses at the PhD program in Administration and Leadership include the following:

PhD Course

MPA Course

AL 1163: Policy Formulation and Analysis PADM 502: Public Policy Analysis
AL 1150: Labor Relations and Human Resources PADM 503: Human Resource Management
AL 1015: Qualitative Research PADM 504: Research Methodology
AL 1030: Financial and Strategic Planning PADM 505: Public Budgeting and Finance
AL 1109: Law and Public Policy PADM 506: Law and Public Affairs
AL 1100: Professional Ethics PADM 507: Ethics
AL 1012: Communication Theory and Organizational Dynamics PADM 508: Communication, Strategic Planning and Organizational Dynamics
AL 1112: The Grantsmanship Process                                                          PADM 510: Fundraising and Grants Writing
AL 1140: Program Development and Evaluation PADM 511: Program Assessment and Evaluation