Journal of Applied Professional Studies


Journal of Applied Professional Studies (JAPS)

The Journal of Applied Professional Studies (JAPS) is the flagship scholarly peer-review open-access online journal of the program. Faculty, students and researchers can submit their research articles, defended Master Thesis, PhD Qualifying Papers or Dissertations for publication at the journal. The journal also accepts research articles, defended Dissertations, and Master Thesis from students, faculty and researchers at other departments in the university as well as outside the university on local, regional, national and international levels. 

The  journal emphasizes applied fields of study with a strong interdisciplinary component and practical experience. As the name indicates, "Applied Professional Studies" refers to academic disciplines that combine theory and practice-based professional learning while focusing on a body of knowledge that is more rigorously applied and established than non-professional studies.

The journal seeks a reassessment and observation of all applied professional studies. The need for interdisciplinary approaches as a key to reviving and incorporating both theory and practice is the main focus of the journal. As research is becoming increasingly interdisciplinary, the journal can provide opportunities for discoveries useful for local, regional, national and international collaboration, ongoing scholarly research and practical approaches to solutions. The scope of the journal is also to embrace a variety of scholarly fields including administrative studies, architecture, business and management, communication, counseling, criminal justice, education, health administration, nursing, public administration, psychology, and social work.

Acceptance for publication is subject to a peer-review process. Authors are expected to write clearly and accessibly for an international audience. No particular theories are favored.

Visit the journal's website at to learn about the journals's Editorial Board and submission requirements. 

Open Access Policy

This journal provides direct open access to its manuscripts on the basis that making research freely available to the public provides a larger opportunity for exchange of knowledge.