The Master of Public Administration (MPA) program at Marywood University is global and green. We operate locally and think globally. Our online classroom dynamic reflects discussion, analysis and studies of various administrative, political and public affairs issues in various parts of the world in comparison with those in the United States. With globalization increasingly becoming an integral part of our lives, we aim to educate our students on the various administrative models in the world and examine different experiences in order to enable us to better understand our position in the world.  To resolve conflicts in the world through nonviolent means and mediation, and in order to promote peace and collaboration, we must both understand ourselves and the world that we live in as well as the complex interconnected dynamic that governs our interactions. This understanding must be comprehensive, nonlinear, and proactive toward bringing forth better solutions to our communities and environment. We owe this to ourselves and to humanity as a whole.

Our program seeks to build academic bridges and networking with other institutions of higher learning in the world. We welcome international students in our program. We want our students to experiences studying public affairs in various parts of the world and participate via smart classroom, satellite, study-abroad and exchange scholarship in sharing learning experiences with international students. We are continually approaching universities around the globe to establish such networks and extend our focus beyond the fixed geographical location of a classroom setting. Our thinking and focus is also green toward a better, healthier and cleaner environment. We are, indeed, green and global.



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Bienvenue au programme de l'administration publique à l'Université Marywood

                    Willkommen in der öffentlichen Verwaltung Programm Marywood Universität

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Bienvenido al programa de administración pública en la Universidad de Marywood

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Welcome to the Master of Public Administration (MPA) program