Welcome to the Master of Public Administration (MPA) at Marywood University. The program is an exclusive online 30 credit hours that follows the National Association of Schools of Public Affairs and Administration (NASPAA)'s accreditation guidelines. Our goal is to prepare students for challenging emergence in public administration as effective and innovative administrators equipped with practical and real-world experiences, and to train them with the needed skills, evidence-based research and theoretical framework in order to tackle the complex environment of public affairs. 

The MPA degree is both marketable and professional. It prepares students for management career in public and nonprofit organizations as well as administrative positions in the public sector. The degree is ideal for students who are committed to public service and want to make a positive difference in the world. 

The program affords students with opportunities to get involved in public affairs as soon as they begin the program, focusing on civic engagement and public responsibilities on local, national and international levels. The curriculum combines evidence-based research, applied theory, and practical skill development in order to prepare students for conceptual, analytical, and ethical applications of administrative solutions to problems.

With classes scheduled online and delivered through Moodle students can enroll on full or part-time basis and from the comfort of their homes around the world. Faculty expertise include all substantive policy areas which enable them teach, advise, research, and serve the students, community and profession.

Here are few other reasons to consider the MPA program at Marywood University:

  • Discounted rate at $600 per credit hour.
  • Only $130 technology fee. No other fees. 
  • No out of the state or international rate. All students are qualified for the same rate.
  • Easy and free online admissions process.
  • No standardized tests are required for admissions.
  • Enroll on full or part-time basis, registering for up four courses or only one course per semester.
  • No specific time/date to be online in order to participate in class. A window of one week is provided for each session.
  • Streamlined, up-to-date and cutting-edge curriculum. 
  • Specialization in general public administration, nonprofit leadership, and homeland security and disaster management.
  • Sequential class schedules so both full and part-time students can complete their program of study on time and without delay due to course scheduling.
  • Summer courses.
  • Dual MPA/ MSW degree
  • Continue with your higher education by applying to any PhD program in Public Administration (or a related field) after graduation. 
  • Knowledge and skill development for career advancement. 
  • Dynamic teaching methods designed for learning adults and effective graduate studies.
  • Outstanding and experienced faculty, including Fulbright Scholars. 
  • Professional networking, student organizations, and activities.
  • Free access to the library and Inter-Library loans.
  • Free professional writing center.
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