School Psychology Educational Specialist (Ed.S.)

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The Educational Specialist (Ed.S.) Program in School Psychology is interdisciplinary in nature and is intended for students who seek state certification as a PreK-12 school psychologist. The Ed.S. degree program is designed as a 75-credit graduate program for students who wish to work in schools or related agencies. The program is competency-based and aims to train professionals in a scientist-practitioner model to provide the wide range of services expected of school psychologists.

Emphasis throughout the program is on realistic integration of didactic instruction and experiential learning, with the candidate expected to demonstrate continual progress toward independent professional functioning. The Ed.S. degree program is fully approved by the Pennsylvania Department of Education and follows guidelines for School Psychology training, as set forth by the National Association of School Psychologists (NASP) and Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) standards.

Students may enter the program post-baccalaureate or post-master’s degree. Those seeking entrance post-baccalaureate earn a Master of Arts degree in Psychology upon completion of 48 credit hours and other degree requirements for the General/Theoretical concentration. Applicants seeking admission post-master’s degree should expect to complete a minimum of 30 graduate credits, including a 1,200-hour internship, within three academic years. Part-time students, entering post-baccalaureate, are expected to complete the program and internship within five years.