Psychology & Counseling: Facilities

Facilities & Services

William G. McGowan Center for Graduate and Professional Studies

The Psychology & Counseling Department is located within the William G. McGowan Center for Graduate and Professional Studies. Here students will find faculty offices, the main department offices, and have many of their classes. In addition, this building has several unique and helpful facilities to foster student’s academic, personal, and professional success.

    Computer Labs

    McGowan 1056/1057

    Two fully equipped computer laboratories are available to students.

    Counseling and Student Development Center

    McGowan 1017

    The CSDC provides mental health services to the Marywood student body and training facilities for master's, and doctoral programs. The CSDC provides individual counseling, group counseling, and a 24/7 crisis line.

    Courtyard & Market Marywood

    Two communal spaces for student and faculty scholarly interaction and socialization.

    • Adjacent to the Market Marywood where students, faculty, and visitors can purchase food, drinks, and other items
    • Courtyard is a newly developed outdoor space that is highly utilized by students of the department
    • Atrium has comfortable seating and is a general congregation and meeting point for psychology and counseling students
    • These spaces make it easy for students to develop friendships and meet-up with those with whom they have classes

    Progressive Learning Space

    McGowan 1061

    Large, non-traditional, multi-purpose room provides an interactive learning space for classes, research, club meetings, and student study.

    • Students can reserve this room for group or individual study sessions and utilize the full-wall chalk boards as they complete reviews or plan projects; break-out rooms offer additional privacy and quiet
    • Clubs and student organizations frequently interact in the main space for meetings.
    • The space is also used for some classes and psychological research conducted by faculty and students

    Psychological Services Center (PSC)

    McGowan 1009
    (570) 348-6269

    The Psychological Services Center provides mental health services to the community and training facilities for students in undergraduate, master's, and doctoral programs. The clinic has one-way observation rooms for individual, group, and family therapy.

    Psychology Library

    McGowan 1052

    This space is for student research and is part of the Curriculum Laboratory, which contains books and journals related to psychology.

    Psychology Research Laboratories

    Cognitive and Perceptual Sciences Laboratory

    McGowan 1068
    Dr. Edward J. Crawley

    Basic research on the processes underlying human memory and attention

    Counseling Training Lab

    McGowan 2006-2010
    Dr. Bradley Janey

    Counseling Skills Training Space

    Mindfulness Lab

    McGowan 1061D
    Dr. C. Estelle Campenni

    Research exploring the effects of mandala coloring on mindfulness, mood, and state anxiety; Research focused on understanding if intolerance for uncertainty mediates the relationship between mindfulness and psychological distress; Qualitative investigations of naturally occurring experiences of mindfulness

    Social Psychology Lab

    McGowan 1071
    Dr. Lindsay C. Morton

    Basic research using correlational and experimental methods to explore social psychological phenomena